Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hard Books or Ebooks?

I find reading a book quite relaxing but I also find it stressful if I hate the story or the character. It makes me want to throw the book or torn its pages. Worst not finishing reading it at all. 

If I were to choose a book or ebook I would definitely like reading a book compared to an ebook. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t like ebooks in fact I most of the novels I’ve read is in ebook form. It is cheaper and not space consuming. You can buy it online and have it on download in a minute. Plus it is more cheaper compared to hard books.  Even though ebooks are cheaper I still hit the my favorite bookstore once in a while to check the latest books. 

Since I have quite a few ebooks on my hard drive I needed to have a software that would suit my needs. Then I happened to discover Calibre Library. It’s free to download and also compatible to windows. It has lots of functions like conversion of epub to pdf etc. You can use this software to buy ebooks online like in Amazon. Now my ebooks are more organized and easy to manage.

Whether you like hard books or electronic book it doesn’t really matter to me, what matter most is that I can enjoy a good book.

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